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Wine Bottles

We stock a wide range of bottle sizes, shapes and styles. We carry everything from 750ml, through and including 27.0L wine bottles. There are a variety of colors and styles (burgundy and Bordeaux) available. Please note that 9.0L, 12.0L, 18.0L and 27.0L bottles are available primarily in Bordeaux style in very limited colors.


Flattened Wine Bottles

Using actual wine bottles, flattened by a local artisan, we can engrave logos, messages or unique artwork.  The flattened bottles can be used as serving platters or hung as unique pieces of art. They make great gifts or event commemoratives.


Blackened Bottles

These bottles are most often utilized for promotional use (as gifts from wine distributors and/or wineries, tasting room samples, trade show samples). Blackened bottles appear as though they are full, but are light as they contain no liquid. We utilize a unique bottle blackening method that is far cleaner and more professional in appearance than older methodologies in the marketplace.


Wax & Corks

We carry high-end wax for resale.  We can provide black, red, gold, and silver in 5 lb. increments and all other colors in 10 lb. increments (green, yellow, burgundy, white, mustard yellow, bronze, and blue).  We can also have custom PANTONE colors mixed for you (will require a larger minimum order).

We also carry corks in many size ranges: 750ml/1.5L, 3.0L, and 5.0/6.0L and up.  There are  no minimum order requirements on corks.


Wood & Paper Boxes

We can provide you wood boxes and or custom high quality paper boxes for an upscale presentation of your engraved & hand painted wine bottle.  We can add your logo or label to these boxes in color via screen print or "burning" it in via custom plates. Typically, these boxes are available as holders for 750ml sized bottles, but other sizes are available.


Protective Shippers

Safely ship your bottles with these high performance shippers which include an outer carton and polystyrene insert in the shape of the bottle. (Available in every bottle size).

For 750 ml bottles, we can use a case shipper, which helps to ensure your bottles are properly protected from possible damage.


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