Superior quality, customer service and innovative design

Our Design & Production Process

Superior Quality, Customer Service and Innovative Design

View a video of our design, etching and painting process

Clients often supply the concept that is the foundation for designing an etched bottle. Ideas arrive to us in many different forms: digital or existing artwork, a sketch, or simply a conversation about an idea.

Our in-house design team then adapts the idea into an original image suitable for a successful etched bottle. Then a photo emulsion process is used to produce a template. Templates are used only once and for that reason, when 900 bottles are produced, 900 templates are required.

Preparing Bottles
Wine Bottles Prepared for Sandblasting
The template is mounted on a clean bottle; the rest of the bottle is masked with tape to avoid exposure to the sandblasting process. Bottles can either be empty or full.
Sandblasting Wine Bottles
Next, the bottle is placed in the sandblaster where a stream of sand erodes the exposed glass to create an image.
Hand Painting
Hand Painting Wine Bottles
Our staff then hand-paints each bottle, applying a final touch-up to sharpen the edges.

No heat is involved in the total sandblasted, hand-painted process, and we take care in storing filled bottles to protect the quality of the wine.

We exercise stringent quality control over every bottle's design and craftsmanship, carefully culling out unacceptable bottles along the way, ensuring our clients receive a bottle they will treasure long after the wine has been enjoyed.

Preparing Wine Bottles for Etching

View a video of our design, etching and painting process


If you have any questions about custom etched bottles or would like to speak to us about your specific needs, please contact us.