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Custom Engraved Wine Bottles for Weddings & Occasions

Custom engraved wine bottles are an ideal addition to a unique and elegant wedding, anniversary or birthday.

There are countless ways to creatively utilize our etched and hand painted wine bottles for your wedding. These bottles will become a keepsake for years to come . . .

Marriage proposal 1.5 L engraved & hand painted wine bottle

Creative and romantic uses of FNWD’s bottles include:

Starting at just $500, we will put together a completely unique, custom designed package for your family, guests, and/or wedding, anniversary, or birthday party that includes design and a case or more of custom designed etched wine bottles.

Looking for a single personalized wine bottle? We recommend:

While we specialize in wine bottles, we can custom engrave any glass or ceramic item (ornaments, vases, bowls, art glass, etc.). In addition, we can work on any size bottle, from the standard 750ml bottle through sizes reaching 27 liters.

If you have any questions about custom engraved bottles or would like to speak to us about your specific needs, please contact us.