Retail Strategies For Etched Bottles

Fresh Northwest Design will create custom designed, private labeled, etched & hand-painted wine bottles to complement your retail growth strategy.

Customers will appreciate the artistry and attention to detail on your unique custom labeled wine. It's an offer that's only available through your retail outlets.

It's a fairly simple process, and one that we will project manage for you:

  1. We will collaborate with you and create your unique private label design.
  2. We will identify a vintner/winery who might be interested in private label opportunities.
  3. We will work to get Federal approval for the label – once we do, we can begin creating your private label bottles for resale.

Below are typical examples of how our engraved wine bottles are most often utilized by our retail (resale) clients:

  • Create Private Labels that can only be purchased at your outlet(s)
  • A value-added alternative to paper labels (higher retail pricing)
  • Holiday or special occasion bottles.
  • Limited edition labels (or numbered editions).

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